Free Proxy and a lots more - is one of our free proxy services. This website offers Free Proxy and a lot more Services. Some Free, Some Paid. Our Web Proxy Service is absolutely free and we do not aim to make it a paid service in future!!!


Our Free Web Proxy service lets you surf anonymously any website which is mistakenly blocked or filtered bypassing your ISP. Our aim is to help you getting knowledge/information from the world wide web without any blocks. Our web proxy service is absolutely free and we will make every effort to run it for free for all even in coming future. Absolutely Free Browsing... BROWSE KHUL KE

If our services are helpful to you, please donate so that we can provide this service for free for as long as possible.

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What is Web Proxy?

A lot of you already know what Web proxy is all about. For those who are not aware, Web Proxy is a service provided by us (and many other websites) to browse the web anonymously and surf blocked websites which are filtered by school/college/country/ISP for some reason.


Anynymous Browsing/Surfing: Whenever you are browsing/surfing any website (which are not blocked, of course) your IP gets logged into the server where the website is hosted. If you are always willing to browse any site anonymously, web proxy is the answer for this.


Surf Blocked Website: As far as blocked websites are concerned, your country's ISP or school/college ISP may block certain websites. Sometimes even the good websites like yahoo, myspace, orkut, youtube, even google etc. also gets blocked. Today's life is quite difficult without these Social network websites. By using web proxy, you can bypass ISPs in your country and surf all the blocked websites. In other words, almost all the websites gets unblocked which are filtered by your IPSs. 


Our other services (Coming Soon)...These are Paid Services but very low cost and useful


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This site is being getting updated. You may say we are in Alpha or Beta Stage of this website. But we promise that we will come-up with many more new Free Services (or Paid but very low cost).
Keep Surfing. Happy Browsing


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